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Press Release

August, 2002 -- New for all dogaholics and bibliomaniacs is the short story "Van Dog" by Tara Lamper. The book, published by 1stBooks Library, features a rescued poodle who gets a second chance at life, and finds adventure in agility training and other sports, in addition to revealing a touch of heroism.

Of "Van Dog," one reader says, "It is a very easy read, a tear jerker, and for a poodle person an outstanding description of poodle character." The author states that the story can be enjoyed by the young and old, whether a canine enthusiast, or simply a lover of nice short stories that happen to be about dogs.

"Van Dog" by Tara Lamper is now available in paperback (ISBN 0-7596-9709-4) for $8.50, or e-book (ISBN 0-7596-9708-6) for $3.95. You can purchase both at or by calling 1-888-280-7715. All other booksellers should have the title stocked by early September.

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