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Training and Sports


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

The Delta Society's Professional Standards for Dog Trainers

American Dog Trainers Network

Dr. P's dog training library

tons of training & behavior articles

Belgian Games: suggestions for brain work, tricks, & exercises

Dog Training - Fast and Simple

Suzanne Clothier articles

animal behavior articles by Sophia Yin, DVM

The Volhards' training & nutrition

William Campbell's pet behavior resources

Dog Logic training & health

Basic Training links from the Dogpatch

Shirley Chong's positive training

Gary Wilkes' Click & Treat Training

Clicker Solutions

Karen Pryor's clicker site

Clicker Training links from the Dogpatch

Front & Finish

Dog-Play: loads of info, any sport

Obed. Trials - exercise overview, handler errors, tips

Musical Freestyle information

World Canine Freestyle Organization

Canine Freestyle Federation

Musical Dog Sport Association

International Disc Dog Handlers' Association

Canine Water Sports

Herding on the Web

Working Dogs: articles, links, FAQs

DVG America (all breed SchH org.)

French Ring Sport overview

more info on French Ring

North American Ring Association

American Temperament Test Society