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waggin' tail

MiningCo. Dogs - most any topic

comprehensive travel directories, etc.

Dog Owner's Guide newsletter

K9 FAQs, directories

The DogPatch: links galore


Dog Fancy Magazine online

How to Build Your Own Agility Equipment

U. of Minn. Pet Care; lots of humor, dogs/cats

humor, plus the serious side of dogs

stories and articles

Helpful Dog Info from YGRR

The Senior Dogs Project - health, rescue

shelters & rescues, pet search

The Reality of Breeding Dogs

Buying a Pure-Bred Puppy

Lots of treat recipes

Yahoo! Canine Cooking Club (recipes)

Kong - the ultimate toy

Zillions of Names

15,000 exotic (and normal) pet names, alphabetically

2,000 Dog Names, alphabetically

World Wide Pet Names Project

Pet Names With Personality

names, with meanings (meant for people, but excellent site)

500,000 names, by origin (for people again)

THE grooming place