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Tara's doghouse
My Bio


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Lifelong Dog Person

As far back as I remember, I've been a dog lover. Even in Kindergarten I knew I would make pet care my career. However, it was not until my early teens that my canine studies became more serious. I'd read any dog book I could get my hands on, and watch as many dog shows as my parents would tolerate. I guess not much has changed. Over the years, I've collected more books than I know what to do with. It's never enough, of course; there is always more to learn.

When deciding on a specific dog-related career, I found more options than I expected, but easily narrowed it down to a couple realistic aspirations. Training had always been of great interest, but at that time, kenneling was my top choice. However, it has since lost favor, as the huge time demand would conflict with other interests. Grooming actually didn't cross my mind until I transferred to night school. There, the director of education learned I was a dog person and insisted that I apprentice under her groomer. It seemed an opportune way to enter the pet care field, and having nothing better to do after graduation, I agreed. After completing the four month grooming course, and finding that the job was rather enjoyable (well, usually ;-) I went on to open my own shop.

Still, the dream of training never disappeared, and once again I find myself aspiring to become an obedience instructor. My progress is slow, but I am determined to somehow enter the field before another year passes.


Canines, of course! I am forever adding to my collection of dog books and surfing the internet, which I've found to be a gold mine of information. I also enjoy furthering my education by attending seminars or workshops and observing any canine event.
When I aquire my Belgian Shepherd, I plan to persue many activities. Some of my more serious interests are obedience, freestyle, skijouring, and ring sport.

Other Interests

Reading. Dog books make up the vast majority of my collection, but I also enjoy mini mysteries, the Readers' Digest, short stories, and Greek Mythology.

Writing. I like to do articles and short stories. As a teen, I created numerous poems; three of which, originally published in '97 & '98, can be read at By spring of '02, my first book, a short story entitled "Van Dog", is scheduled to be released.

Art. Pencil sketching or just doodling on the computer, and sculpting with clay or snow can be great fun. An original drawing by me is planned to be on the cover of my book.

Other entertainment includes a variety of music and movies. For more physical activities, I enjoy skiing, swimming and fishing.