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Chateau du Chien

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smiling shepherd

General Dog Sites

Dogs @ - an excellent site

Pets Welcome - comprehensive travel directories, etc.

Dog Owner's Guide newsletter archives

K9Web - dog FAQs, directories

DogPatch - links galore for dogs & other stuff

Dog Fancy Magazine online

Dog Books - new, used, rare, out of print...

U of MN Pet Care, lots of humor

The Senior Dogs Project - health care, rescue

Pet Finder - rescue

Lots of treat recipes

Puppy Buyers, Beware!

Reasons to avoid pet shops. Puppy mill links.

Pet Names With Personality

2,000 Dog Names, alphabetically

Natural Health

Natural Rearing articles, guides, products

AltVetMed - includes holistic & homeopathic vet directory, and premium pet food list

AVCA directory (chiropractic)

PetSynergy - Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Nutrition

All breed dog food vs. breed specific dog food

While I don't agree with everything said here, this is an interesting topic.
The basic concept of breed specific nutrition does make some sense.

What's Really In Pet Food

Polluted Pet Food

Concerns about commercial pet food

Dog Eat Dog

Food not fit for a pet

Food even a dog shouldn't eat

Wellpet Frequently Asked Questions

Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet

Feeding your pets B.A.R.F. - A day to day personal journal

BARF FAQs, How-To, Dr. B lecture notes

Dr. Tom Lonsdale articles, feeding guides

Riveriene Farm's canine nutrition

Natural Diet: DON'T "Just Do It"

BARF Tips & Tricks, FAQs, info

Dr. Billinghurst's site

Kymythy Schultze's site

Carol Boyle's site

The Volhards' site

Pat McKay's site

Dr. Beverly Cappel's site

Vegetarian Dogs

It's really not natural, but for those who refuse to feed their dogs
a Biologically Appropriate Diet, this looks like a good resource.


Introduction to the trouble with pet foods. Overview of natural feeding plans.


A natural diet for cats (and dogs)

Holisticat - articles and forum archives

Natural cat care

Cat health & nutrition links

Feline nutrition

Whole Dog Journal

Belgians & Anesthesia

Also applies to sight hounds. Good information for all dog owners to read.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe

HealthWorld - human health

Buster's headstand

Training & Sports

American Dog Trainers Network

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

Obedience Trials - exercise overview, handler errors, tips

Suzanne Clothier articles

Dr. P's dog training library

Working dog articles, links, FAQs

DVG America Schutzhund

World Canine Freestyle Association

Canine Freestyle Federation

Belgian Games: suggestions for brain work, tricks, & exercises

Event Calendars

Training seminars & workshops (not updated)

APDT upcoming events

Events at the Monadnock Humane Society (just outside Keene, NH)

UKC events

ASCA events

AKC events search

Agility events search

WCFO calendar

CFF calendar

New England sled dog racing schedule

Working dogs calendar

DVG events

USA SchH events

Upcoming Ring Sport events

BSD outline

Breeds (mostly Belgians)

Dog Breed Information Center

Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer's Guide

American Kennel Club

Belgian Shepherd Resource Library

Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

American Belgian Tervuren Club

American Belgian Malinois Club

American Belgian Laekenois Association

United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association

Belgian Sheepdog Club of Canada

Just For Fun

Personality tests - fun & enlightening

Try Emode's "What Breed of Dog Are You?" test!
Although, the new version doesn't seem to be as accurate as the old. No matter what I do, it keeps insisting that I'm a Scottie! Sorry, not even close. (Well, maybe just a little.) But it's still fun. I hope you get better results!
Oh, according to the old version, I'm a cross between a Collie and a Pit Bull. (Just one answer's difference between those results.) I'd say that's pretty accurate. ;-)

SitStay Discussion Boards

My favorite place on the internet! It's almost always where you'll find me when I'm online.
There's a place for everyone on the boards, whether you're interested in a particular breed, training, dog sports, health, or whatever. And the people are so friendly and helpful.
You can learn alot just by lurking. Even more if you join in and ask questions.

Buster's sphinx

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