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Sirius pet food articles

What's Really In Pet Food

Polluted Pet Food

Food even a dog shouldn't eat

Food not fit for a pet

Dog Eat Dog

Concerns about commercial pet food

the cancer connection

Dog Food Comparison Charts

Alternative Pet Foods

Grain Free Pets (requires Flash)

Wellpet Frequently Asked Questions

Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet

What is BARF?

raw diet details

Feeding your pets B.A.R.F. - A day to day personal journal

a BARF pictorial

BARF FAQs, How-To, Dr. B lecture notes

The BARF Diet .com

Dr. Tom Lonsdale articles, feeding guides

Riveriene Farm's canine nutrition

Natural Diet: DON'T "Just Do It"

BARF Tips & Tricks, FAQs, info

BARF World

Dr. B's site

Kymythy Schultze's site

Carol Boyle's site

The Volhards' nutrition & training

Pat McKay's site

more diet links

breed specific nutrition

A natural diet for cats (and dogs)

Dr. B's feline diet

Cat nutrition links

Natural cat care

Feline nutrition

Natural Diet WebRing

Vegetarian Dogs